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    Stolen IPhone, but recieving pictures from it via email.
    My Gf had her Iphone 3 stolen over a year ago. But she has received 2 emails from it. They are pictures each time. I guess from the people who currently have the phone. Bizarre.

    Any Ideas how we can find out where the phone is? Track where the email is from? The email does not contain much, just that it was sent from "my Iphone".

    Any help or suggestions would be great!

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    How do you know they're coming from her stolen iPhone?
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    Did you install Find my iPhone?

    If you haven’t, I’m sorry but I don’t think there is a way to track those emails. Not legally anyway.

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    wouldnt you be able to track the phone using the logitude and lattitude of the photo if the photo was taken from the stolen iPhone???

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    1st off i hope the phone was reported stolen to at&t. If it was then it cant be used as a phone anymore as the IMEI is blocked in the system. If they are sending emails (over WiFi) you should have header info that gives the email address or what domain it was sent from (hotmail, yahoo....) However.... that info can be spoofed.
    email header and email body, parse email

    but in reality there is noting you can do.

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