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    iPhone Mobile Me Tracking Question
    i just signed up for this function. very cool.

    however, i was just wondering what it means when i track my phone online and it says "Lock" or "Wipe."

    would i use either of these options ONLY if the phone is ever lost?

    if i choose "Lock" now (when the phone isnt lost) will that prevent someone from using it if they ever find it?

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    Yes you would only use Lock and Wipe when the phone is lost/stolen. Wipe is when you don't want the person that has your phone to be able to get your info on your phone. So you wipe the whole phone from mobileme. And lock does what it sounds like, it locks your phone. I am not sure what kind of lock, maybe a passcode that you can set remotely?

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    Lock locks the phone like normal, but has a passcode that you make remotely, so the thief cannot use the phone.

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    Both are things that can normally be done from the settings menu, but it allows you to do it remotely.

    If you pick lock, it will ask you to enter a 4 digit code, and from then on the phone will require that code to activate when you "slide to unlock" You have to disable it it settings just like you'd normally set or delete one.

    The Wipe is the same as selecting "erase all content and settings" it will return the phone to its like new state...completely blank.

    If your phone is lost or stolen, the first thing you should probably do is lock it. Then, set an alert. It displays a message (ie Call (205)555-5555 to return) and beeps every couple of seconds, and you can't stop it if you don't know the passcode.
    If it seems to be really gone, then I'd wipe it

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