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Thread: iPhone 3G to iPod Touch

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    Dec 29, 2010
    iPhone 3G to iPod Touch
    New to this hardware. Is there any advantage in hacking this old iPhone 3G I've got and trying to put the iPod Touch Firmware/OS on it? I won't ever be activating the device on any carrier. Just curious. Thanks.

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    The iphone 3G and and an ipod touch function identically minus the phone capabilities. There is no need to "hack" it or put any other firmware on it. Just put it in airplane mode and use it as your ipod.
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    I've done this with my old 3G. Frankly though, it just sits and gathers dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baggss View Post
    I've done this with my old 3G. Frankly though, it just sits and gathers dust.
    You should try to sell it!

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