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Thread: iPhone4 and Tomtom Car Kit Tool

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    iPhone4 and Tomtom Car Kit Tool
    I'm very close to purchasing my 1st iPhone. Given the iPhone's abilities, I thought I might like to replace and update the capabilities of my old (5 year old) Tomtom GO 720 at the same time.

    The only product I've seen that seems to go near what I'm thinking of is the Tomtom Car Kit Tool -BUT, it seems to be the recipient of many many mixed reviews, particularly in relation to its use with the iPhone4. The most recent reviews have only deepened my reservations with regard security/fit of the iPhone4 in the cradle and worryingly, the issue of software updates.

    Most of the reviews I have seen are a bit dated now, so I was hoping perhaps someone may be able to provide recent experience information -have things gotten any better of late? What's it like to use in-car? What's it like in-call? Does it now charge the iPhone when in the cradle? Anything else I should be aware of?

    Naturally enough, I am also very interested in other people's experience of alternative, equivalent products and software!

    Any experience you're willing to share gratefully received!
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    I found a very good post about tomtom. I have one myself and agree with it tbh. They said tomtom as one of the first in the market established themselves as market leader and built a good rep. But they want cash for e drugging from updates, speed cameras, live traffic, and their pc software isn't that good anyway (dire actually). Their iPhone is just the same apparently.

    I've installed navfree which is free and uses opensource maps. Excellent and got us to our Christmas destination a couple hundred miles away.

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