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    Buying a new iphone need to backup current one.
    I am purchasing a 16G iPhone 4 today and I plan on using my 32G 3GS for music. Do I need to worry about backing up the 3GS before syncing the 4 with my iTunes library? Also, is it true that everything that is currently on my 3GS such as Apps, etc will sync to the 4 unless I uncheck boxes for what to sync? TIA.

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    It wouldnt hurt to back up the 3GS 1 final time before you hook on the iP4. No harm in it.
    As for the iP4 syncing with all the Apps, music and such, yes it will do as long as the iP4 is connected/registered to that Acct . . . Should be no other restrictions
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    If you do one final backup of the 3Gs you can then plug in the iPhone 4, get it registered and actually restore it from the 3Gs backup you just did. This will be an option in iTunes once the phone is registered with your iTunes acct.

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