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    My iPhone 4 has totally frozen twice in the last 3 days
    No functions would work, the keyboard wouldn't come up, neither home or power buttons would work...No response whatsoever. Had to power down totally(home/power switch)both times and wait for the phone to come back. This phone has not been dropped or jail broken or abused in any way. It's 4 months old, has all the latest updates and was not low on batteries at the time.

    Anybody got a suggestion as to what it might be??
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    There is some help online from Apple about this problem - see Apple - Support - iPhone - iPhone Troubleshooting Assistant

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    Taking it to the Apple store would be a great suggestion!
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    If your iPhone 4 shuts off and acts improperly take it to the apple store and complain, they will replace it free of charge.

    I had priceless photots on my iphone 4 and the phone shut off while i was talking on it, wouldnt power on, took it to the apple store and they said it somehow was bumped into recovery mode. ??? i was very upset, they replaced it for free.

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