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    Guys please help losing faith in apple...
    Guys I looked all over the web and I find a mess of different tutorials on how to transfer my iphone data from an old computer to a new mac. Everything, address book, itunes, aps, photos, etc. Please let me know what are the easiest/ latest ways to do this. I called apple support and they wont even talk to you unless you have apple care. Im like a month passed my 90 days. Its disgusting what that company has turned into. The call center was not even in the states. If I wanted that kind of customer service I would of bought a windows mobile phone. I miss the old days when it was personal.

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    Maybe you should have purchased Apple care....? Anyway, complaining and longing for the "good old days" is not going to get you anywhere. However, using your browser and doing some net searching will get you somewhere.

    Here's one LINK that may help. You can search for others if that doesn't answer your question.

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    Use the Finder on the old Mac and navigate to /Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup, copy file to thumbdrive, and put it on new computer
    Then when you open itunes with your iPhone in, you should automatically have your previous backup in your new computer
    OR; use migration assistant to copy your files over to new Computer
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    I'm not sure what you expect Apple to do. You're out of tech support, and don't have Apple Care. That's what it's for, and why they sell it. Would it be great if they could help everyone that called asking for help? Yes, but I don't see any fault on Apple for their action.

    Try searching on the Apple support forums for something. Do you use Time Machine? Try searching for your backups in finder.
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    Sorry, how is it Apple's fault that you didn't a) buy applecare and b) back up your iPhone?

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    Or, update your iPhone software on the new computer and it will automatically make a full backup of everything

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    why does everyone who tries to bag on apple support always say they got connected to an overseas call center?

    i have NEVER been connected to anyone with an accent of the Indian persuasion when i've called apple regarding any of my apple products, and i have even called recently (3 months ago) when my MBPro had difficulty activating an AppleCare plan i bought.

    and trust me, i would know... i'm also the owner of many previous Dells. they do in fact have nothing but overseas call centers unless your registered email address ends in ".gov" ".mil" or ""

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    Oakie: Because they're generally lying about having called.

    People hate calling tech support lines, and I don't blame them. However, for the record at least some of Apple's call centres are in the US and Canada. Not that this would guarantee you that you would NOT get someone with a heavy accent. One of Apple's call centres is in Texas, and I can't understand a word those people say!

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