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    Thumbs down Water damage iphone 3Gs, strange situation
    I jumped in the pool with my iphone for about 30 seconds before I realised what I'd done. When I got out of the water I stupidly immediately pressed the power button and nothing happened.

    Next I took the case off and shook as much water as possible out of it, gave it a blowdry then put it in a ziplock bag of rice.

    It has been about 36 hours since the incident and I haven't touched any of the buttons since. Today I realised that I should take the sim card out. I did so and it was still wet at the bottom of the cradle thing so I left it out and now have it back in the rice.

    I can see a whole load of water air bubbles under the camera lens.
    What should I do from here? does it sound like there is a chance of it working again?

    Thanks, I'm really scared for my poor phone

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    You may need to let it dry for a lot longer. Better yet, if you can open it and dry it, that would be best.

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    Quick update: the rice seems to be working as the water bubbles are now gone from the camera lens. I think I will be leaving it a tad longer, taking the sim card out really helped.

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    When you think its time to turn it back on and try it...DON'T

    Wait a few more days. Then when you think its time...DON'T

    Wait a couple more days. Then it'll be time.

    It will either work or it won't.
    If it works, there's liable to be some problems.

    Good luck

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