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    Purchasing iPhone 4 at Radio Shack
    I saw about the sale Radio Shack is having this week on the iPhone 4 and want to buy 2 iPhone 4's, the 32GB version.
    I'm in Denver, CO and called around 12 stores today and none of them had it in stock at first. Actually many told me I would not find it anywhere in Denver but of the last few I called two had it in stock but only the 16GB version.
    Two of them offered to have me come in and put an order in it. They both said I'd have to come in in person and once I do once I do one said they'd look elsewhere in the state and likely could get one. The other place told me that once I put an order in it'll ship straight from the warehouse to my house and I should have it in 2 days.
    I finally went to the Radio Shack closest to me figuring I could simply get them ordered there and sent to my house. When I got there they seemed to know nothing about it and told me they could just simply take my name and # and call me if they come in but they said the price is only for if I buy by Saturday and likely they won't get any in.
    Has anyone found a good way to get them? I definitely want to get one at these prices and I went to the website but seems you can't order them online. Is there a way to have them shipped to my home or is there another way I can get them for this price from Radio Shack or another place?
    Thank you for your help.

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    They're not even taking orders from the web site store and have a notice that quantities are limited. Best I can suggest is that you keep calling around Denver until you find a store which has them in stock. You may have to settle on the 16 GB model. The iPhone 4 is a hot item this Christmas and even the AT&T stores have limited quantities.

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    Its really not that good a deal if you're talking about trading an old iPhone in.
    Jailbreak it and you can easily sell it for more than the Radio Shack discount and just buy a iPhone 4 from someone who has it in stock

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