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    Question are Bluetooth earphones worth it?

    I'm starting to get annoyed with loose connection problems I seem to have after a few months of each pair of earphones I buy (typically inner ear). So I was wondering what the user experience would be like regarding moving to bluetooth earphones?

    Any feedback on your experience when moving to Bluetooth based earphones for the iPhone? Quality of sound, impact of iPhone battery if you want to use it a couple of hours a day for listening to podcasts.

    I'm assuming one can get a set that have minimal wiring, perhaps ones that have an inner ear piece connected by a curved bit of plastic that holds them together that goes behind the back of your neck or something.


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    I didn't even know these were available. Thanks for dropping knowledge like this, I'll tell you how they work out as I will be buying some ASAP.

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    I have a cheapie pair. The sound is adequate, not great. I tend to keep my iPhone close by so range is not an issue (and it would be otherwise, I think it's like 10 ft max for this, again, crappy cheapie pair). I use it for exercise because I don't like to get tangled up in wires, and for that it's PERFECT. This particular model is a little ostentatious though, next pair I'm going to get some subtle black earbuds if I can find some that a) sound good and b) have a mic built-in so I can answer calls as well.

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    I had a pair a little while ago, they weren't great and from what I can gather there arn't alot out there that are. I wouldn't go out buying a pair thinking that they will be as good as wired but shop around and find what you like best.

    - Simon

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