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    iphone wont recognise wifi networks
    I have updated software, restored settings and it still wont detect any wifi networks anywhere. 3G works fine but when I search for networks it shows the busy sign for a second and then says no networks detected. I know that the wifi networks are all good so it is definitely the phone. any ideas?

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    Was it working before you updated the software??

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    There are 10 to 15 networks around my house that my iMac picks up, but my phone will only find 1 or 2.

    Try adding your network manually. Goto Settings, Wi-Fi, turn wi-fi on if not already, then choose "Other..." It will ask you for your network name, security type, and password.

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    So you have either a iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4. Which one is it? How old is it? How long has been having this problem? Has it been damaged in anyway?

    All relevant questions before you can get any decent answers, no?


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