I have my email account hosted by Rackspace. I setup the IMAP account on my iphone 4. I have several folders in my Rackspace account with each one working off of a certain filter setting. I will try to explain:

Inbox Folder - my inbox folder is where any email not set to a filter goes when I receive it

Work Folder - this is another folder, that I have work related email addresses in. For example, a coworker named Mike will have mike@mike.com for his email address. In my filtering settings, I have it set so when I get an email from mike@mike.com, it bypasses my "Inbox Folder" and goes straight to my "Work Folder" and it shows one unread email in the "Work Folder."

On the computer, when I check my mail through rackspace, the emails all go to their respective folders and do not go to the "Inbox Folder" unless it is an email address not recognized.

Here is what my folders might look like on rackspace:

Inbox Folder (2)
Work Folder (1)
Friend Folder (2)

This means, I got two emails from people not specified in my filter settings that went to the Inbox Folder. I got one email from a work address that is specified in the filter settings. I got two emails from friend addresses that are specified in my filter settings.

Problem is, on my iphone, I only receive the ones that go to my inbox. If I went through manually and opened the work folder and the friend folder, the emails will pop up, but they will not just go to my phone if it is sitting there.

Is there anyway to get my iphone folders to act like the rackspace folders?