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Thread: iPhone Got Wet

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    iPhone Got Wet
    My wife dropped her iPhone in the toilet a little over a week ago. We stuck it in rice, used compressed air, blow dryer, etc etc. I have taken it apart since getting it wet voids the warranty which has already run out anyways. Before I took it apart we could plug the phone into the wall charger and the Apple logo would come on and then it would fade to black and then turn off. After I put it back together it did the same thing. I took it apart again to let it possibly dry out some more and it is still doing the same thing except now I get a white screen temporarily and then it goes back to the Apple logo. Does anyone know if I can still fix this some how? She'll be getting a replacement one way or the other but now that I have taken it apart I am intrigued and want to know if I can actually salvage this thing at some point. Does anyone have any knowledge of anything I can do to make it work again?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, Hate to say it .. but I'm pretty sure its toast... Have a 32GB iPod Touch that got wet ... I'm usualy pretty good with repairs... but this one is way beyond my capeabilities. It would require surface mount soldering with ... very small components.. and finding the itty bitty transistors is difficult to say the least. You could try cleaning everything very well with isopropyl alcohol and tooth brush or q-tips and dry with the highest temp on you hair dryer till it is to hot to touch .. on the circuit board only .. not on the display. and see if it works


    You may try taking it in to a shop that specializes in Apple products .. (Not the Apple Store) they might be able to help ... but it could be very costly.
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    leave it on charge for awhile?

    Had same situation with a touch and it came back to life after a week and a 15min charge. No idea why, but its now fine.

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    "Got wet" and "submerged in water" are two different things. Just FYI.

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    the heat and the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) are both good ways to displace the water. It sounds radical, but you could take the back off and liberally q-tip the IPA onto all the circuits and flex cables and connectors. Then place it in front of warm moving air (furnace vent, hair dryer). Even more radical, dunk all the electronics (but probably NOT the screen and cameras) into a bowl of IPA.
    Or, try putting the phone into the oven at about 140F for a half hour, then in front of cooler moving air. Again, the heat may be bad for the screen and cameras...
    Good luck, let us know what you try, and whether or not anything works.

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