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    Iphone 3gs - Replacement Screen, Cable ribbons not working?
    I have an iPhone that just had a cracked screen. Bought a new one (the touchscreen and everything else was fine before), replaced the screen, and now it looks like this:

    The touchscreen still works, as does everything else. The only problem are the dead pixels (not sure if correct terminology) and the black and white screen. Did I mess up the ribbon cables when re-connecting?

    I appreciate any help! Thank you for your comments.

    I've searched for two days now and can't seem to find anyone with the same problem? Maybe I'm not searching the right terms.

    Thank you!

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    I would suggest taking it apart again and checking to see if you have everything together correctly - especially the ribbon cables which are real sensitive and easy to break. Use the take apart instructions at iFixit: The free repair manual.


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    Based on just looking at it for 2 seconds, I can tell you that's LCD bleed, If you look in the upper left corner those gray blotches are LCD bleed. The LCD needs to be replaced. You have to be EXTRA careful when installing the LCD into the digitizer chassis, The slightest bend or too much pressure on the LCD will cause severe damage.

    Remember if the LCD ribbon cable is not connected correctly the LCD will not light up at all, So I seriously doubt it's a connection issue.

    good luck

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    you might consider these guys also -- they did great, fast, affordable work on my wife's 3G:

    Mission Repair

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