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    Question advice/help needed
    My hubby is getting the new iphone 4 and I will become the proud owner of his old iphone3G. My questions are (1)Can he transfer all his apps to his new phone - and if so how? (2)Will his old phone, my new one, still work on the computer? (3) Will my computer read 2 different phones and associate only mine with my apps and his with his apps?
    Thank you in advance for any help

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    1. By syncing with iTunes, same as always.
    2. Yes
    3. Yes and it depends.

    A. If you each log in to your own individual user accounts and you each have your own individual iTunes accounts - Yes.

    B. You keep 2 individual iTunes libraries under the same user account - Yes. You can create a new iTunes library by holding down the option key when you launch iTunes. Then do the same each time you launch it to select which library you want to load.

    C. No, and the one I recommend. My wife and I both sync to the same iTunes library and have only a single iTunes account which we both use. This way we both have access to any music, movie, TV shows, books, or apps that either one of us purchase. Never catch us both purchasing the same thing. This is a big part of syncing, choosing what you do and don't want out of your entire combined library.
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    Thanks for your advice. Once I read your advice I realised how logical it was but never thought if it. I will use your option c as you do with your wife it seems the easiest.

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