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    iPhone iOS 4.1 issues
    Anyone experiencing issues with the new iOS 4.1 for the iPhone? I'm using a 3G phone. I went from 4.0 which had issues of just bogging down. Touching the screen it took like a minute to respond versus seconds. Texting... touching the key pad, again took like a minute to send a text versus seconds.

    Now I'm experiencing my Apps quitting out on me for no reason. FB, Safari, Messaging are the main 3 that I use daily.

    Now I've been having problems with my iHome alarm clock. It worked in the beginning. But since I updated the iOS, now instead of my Playlist music, I get this annoying... Bleedeep... bleedeep... bleedeep alarm chirp. As if the phone isn't on the dock properly.

    Any suggestions? Please don't tell me to get the 3Gs or the 4G. Money is scarce for new toys.

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    4.1? I thought the latest was 4.0.2?

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    You may want to try reverting to 3.1.3. 4.0 doesn't seem to play nice with the 3G

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    LOL yeah 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 4.1 whatever APple, to many OS in a months time.... Get it right the first time or second time mmmmkay

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    I'm currently using the 4.1 Beta 3 on my iPhone 3G. Rejoice 3G users, I'm happy to say that the performance is greatly improved! It's actually useable again!

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