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    Thumbs down Cant Jallbreak my iPhone 3gs on iOS4.0 =[
    I can't Jailbreak my iPhone 3gs on iOS 4.0. I bought it from the US whilst on holiday but now Ive got back, its locked up and I can't get past the emergency calls screen and therefore cannot visit to jailbreak then unlock =[ I have tried a phonebook SIM but to no success.
    If anybody can guide me through how I can get round this problem, I will transfer a hefty $200 into your PayPal account.
    Thanks in advance, Ben

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    If it's a U.S. version iPhone all you need is a ATT simcard doesn't even need to be a active sim, iTunes just needs to see the correct sim. If you need one I have a couple extra I can send you one. PM me if you need it.

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