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    Iphone 3Gs issue
    quick question.

    here it goes. So on Monday I dropped my iphone in the toilet for about 10 seconds. After I pulled it it started doing funny things on the screen, shorting, multiple lines on screen, etc.

    so i put it in a bag of rice with silica packets for 3-4 days. On Wednesday I pulled it our and turned it on. everything on the screen worked, incoming calls, apps and texts all worked. I decided to be safe turned it off and put it back in the rice until this morning.

    Again, pulled it out this morning and everything works, the water spot that was on the screen has even evaporated.

    Only issue: the phone is in a continuous reboot. I have it plugged in to recharge but every 3-5 minutes it reboots.

    I plugged it in to itunes and it recognized it and even updated it to 4.0.1 this morning.

    It's frustrating because other than the rebooting it's like the phone was never wet. Well except the water sensors. They are pink as pink can be.

    Is it rebooting because it's fried or is there a chance it may work itself out?

    Am I screwed?

    Really would appreciate any ideas or recommendations.


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    Going Galt...
    You dropped it in a toilet. I'd imagine you are screwed. Sorry.
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    Hey, Don't be sorry. My own stupid fault for bringing it into the can with me

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    Phones aren't sealed for water water/moisture has gotten in there and is going to randomly short things out causing reboots and eventual failure.


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