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    Buying iPhone 4 in Japan - questions
    I live in Beijing but I'm going over to Japan over the summer.

    I took one look at iPhone 4 prices over there, and decided straight away, I'm getting one. JPY46,000 for 16GB is **** cheap (roughly CNY3650). Originally I wanted an unlocked one from UK/HK, but the huge savings may clinch this one for me (unlocked iPhone 4 is 500 in UK), not to mention I won't be going to HK or UK for a while and I don't want to wait!

    I have a couple questions:
    -To clarify some jargon, does "unlocking" mean that I get to use any SIM card in it, and "jailbreaking" means the same thing PLUS I get to download apps from places other than iTunes app store?
    -Is it the case that "Unlocking" can be "legally" (if by a mobile carrier), but "jailbreaking" voids Apple warranty (although not strictly "illegal")?
    -Will I definitely need to unlock/jailbreak my phone to use it anywhere OTHER than Japan?
    -If I buy just an iPhone 4 (no contract) in Japan, jailbreak it for use abroad, then move to Japan eventually (I am hoping to move there in a year or so), will I be able to get a Softbank micro SIM without buying another handset (my question is, can you buy a standalone micro SIM from Softbank, seeing as they only offer micro-SIMs for iPhone 4 and not for any other handset)?
    -Is it possible to jailbreak for free? I don't wish to have to pay some shady dealer to jailbreak every time the iOS is updated.

    Is there anything else I should consider before making this decision?

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    #1 Yes
    #2 Both can now be legally done. See here And yes once done you have voided your warranty.
    #3 No, if you can swallow the roaming changes.
    #4 That depends if Japan sells SIM cards without a phone
    #5 Jailbreaking should always be free, for now you can visit and do it with a swipe of a finger.

    #6 jailbreaking is hugely overrated IMO, the main reason to jailbreak is to use other carriers.
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