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Thread: Is it AT&T or Apple's fault...

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    Is it AT&T or Apple's fault...
    I suppose this is more of an expository post than anything else...

    Last Thursday I finally received my iPhone4 in the mail. I put all my other tasks aside and followed the activation instructions to the letter. After completing activation I waited to see those glorious bars of service show up so I could make my first phone call! Hours went by and still nothing. I was crestfallen but not defeated. I figured there was some explanation with the (always spotty) service we get from AT&T so I reset the network settings. Nothing. I then decided to call tech support that Friday. I went through the various hoops of turning it on and off again, removing the SIM, etc. They had no answers. I was prompted to do a full iTunes reset...sure, why not. I do the full iTunes reset late Saturday night when I am back at my home computer. After an hour of waiting for that to finish, the phone blinks to life and tells me I need to activate it again. I know that I cannot activate the phone a second time, so I call AT&T's customer service again. They 'push through' the activation and I am told to do the on/off dance all over again. An entire day goes by before I get the little pop-up that tells me that my activation is complete, and still it says no service in the upper left corner. It just sits there mocking me.

    We have now rolled around to today, Monday, I get back on the phone and I call customer service again. We go through the events, they transfer me a few times, and 35-minutes into the call we get disconnected and they have no way of getting back in touch with me. I have to call them back and try to track down the person who mumbled their name, but unfortunately was the only person in this ordeal that I thought knew what they were talking about. I get connected to someone who does not even have a record of today's I ask myself 'is this real life...?' this comedy of errors is making my teeth hurt... I am placed on hold and sent to tech support, who finally tells me that there may be an issue with my SIM card and I should go to a store and have it tested. If that shows nothing wrong, then I should contact Apple...

    I have been a customer of AT&T for 10 years. Literally 10 years. If I was not so enamored with the iPhone and what it has been able to do for us, I would jump ship...My husband's iPhone 3G was plug and play ready to go straight out of the box. We have *never* had an issue...except for service in some of the more rural areas we travel..and we expect that...It just seems that every time I have to contact someone with an issue, I am greeted with blank stares and the Roy Trenneman treatment 'did you turn it off and on again' gag. Ten years of shoddy and inconsistent customer care...why would Apple, who has given us *excellent* service for years, remain partners with such a notoriously horrid company...


    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest...

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    1) Take it to an AT&T store and let them look at it.

    2) Take it to an Apple store and let them look at it.

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    Thanks, and that is exactly what I intend to do today! Unfortunately at the time of all this strife we were commuting from one place to another and unable to take the time to go in-store. Oft times things can be resolved over the phone and I was hoping this was one of those times. My mission for today is to have some resolution face-to-face...buuut sometimes not an option in my busy life

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    when out and about at places other than your home, if the phone still shows no service, there can only be a few problems. Sim card is bad, or the phone is broken.

    if there was a problem during the activation process where the profile was not completely set up in ATT's system you would still see signal.

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