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Thread: iPhone 4 Curved Case

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    Aug 06, 2010
    iPhone 4 Curved Case
    Hi Guys!

    New to the forums, but figured you'd be the best crowd to ask this question.

    I've just ordered myself the iPhone 4 and the one thing that bothers me about the design is the flat back. I adored my 3G for its curved design and I'm sure I'll miss it purely for that factor.

    Just wondered if any of you knew of a case for the iPhone 4 that emulated this? Can't seem to find one anywhere!



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    I'd wager once you get the phone you won't want a curved case. Mine spends most of it's day flat on my work desk in front of me playing music. When I have to pause, it's far less annoying now that it doesn't rock and pivot every which way. But hey, that's me. Maybe you are really attached to the curved design. I'm not sure where you can get that style of case. I have spent several hours looking for a case that covers the camera lens. No dice. Nor did I see a curved case, I probably would have remembered that. I contacted several of the case companies asking if they would make a custom case for extra $. Again no dice. Even Griffin, who made a case with a slider lens cover for the 3G/S. So if you do find one, or you find a company that will make a custom case, let me know. If I happen to find one I'll post and let you know.

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