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Thread: iPhone multitasking problem with 4.0

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    iPhone multitasking problem with 4.0

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with 4.0 FW.

    Ever since installing the new FW the phone is slow and apps crash upon opening. I can usually double click and go into the multi task bar and close apps and then apps don't crash.

    I don't get why with this FW it seems any app you open stays open--there is no way of just closing an app it seems without it staying open for fast switching/multitasking. I had a jailbreak app before 4.0 that would at least let me choose when closing an app whether I wanted it to stay open in the background or not.

    Any solutions for this issue?

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    First, I'd suggest installing the legit firmware and seeing if that solves your issue.

    Also, multitasking has been discussed a few times, try searching to find information.
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    Unfortunately I have to be jailbroken because I have to be unlocked. I have to be unlocked because I move from country to country and don't want to buy a new iPhone every time.

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    There is a reason why apple didn't make the 3g available with multitasking. Because the processor is so slow that it can't handle it, and it force quits the apps to save the processor.

    use the original firmware, or buy a 3gs or iphone 4.

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    There are posts on the forum already detailing an app that can disable multitasking on JB'd phones and the disabling of spotlight to improve performance on a 3G running iOS4

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