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    Aug 01, 2010
    Wink iPad or iPhone 4 in use for management and/or corporation
    Hi everyone,

    I got an interesting topic in my school to write about and didn't know where to put it so it landed here . I have to compare and use either an iPad or iPhone 4 in management and/or corporation. So this is what I learned (the question I'm asking is in the bottom of the post ).

    iPad vs. iPhone: A User Experience Study | UX Magazine you can use the iPad as a better cashier than iPhone

    iPad Apps/Games : iPad Apps for the Businessman - there are some great apps for using on an iPad (iPhone has them too I think)

    5 Ways to Use the iPad for Business | The Computer Boss [TIPS | TRICKS | HACKS | MORE] - also some ways that you can use the iPad for business...

    Now the question I'm asking is do you know of any article, personal experience and/or forum talk that would give me information which one to choose if I was a business-man from a small Telecommunication, Dance or performance company? Or even better for a bigger corporation?

    The things I would need have both (the calendar, email browser and internet browser, music player, movie player, connectivity (both can use wlan and 3G) - but I think here iPhone 4 wins).

    I would use it in meetings (iPad Apps/Games : : AppAdvice - AppBase -great app beside iCal), reading some books (getting information from literature), showing some videos that were made by myself, it would be nice to take videos, connect to email and internet, have as much an all in one device as possible, have personal information written in it, complete connectivity with windows, linux and mac systems (such as working on different floors in a company without any problems), price is bellow 650 EUR (or around it) - live in Europe, and a strong battery (at least for a few days of moderate work).

    So any help would be much appreciated. Oh and one last question .... when does the iPhone fewer stop in Europe so I a person could normaly buy one?

    Best regards,


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    Once "Square" is available for the iPad (might work now for all I know) it should be a slam dunk.

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    Aug 01, 2010
    are you regarding to this one - Square Turns Your iPad Into A Cash Register ?

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