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    I'm getting an iPhone 4 and I need recommendations about accesories
    Well, as the title says is I'm getting a 32GB black iPhone 4 once it comes out here in Mexico and I've been thinking of getting some accesories for it.

    What I'd like to get is the following:

    * A case for it (something that can protect it in case I drop it accidentally).

    * A new headset (Apple's stock headset is UNCOMFORTABLE!). It has to be compatible with the iPhone, wired, have a microphone and if possible, to also have an integrated remote, like the stock iPhone earbuds (My budget for this is around $100USD MAX).

    * A MobileMe 1yr individual subscription. (Is this worth it? I really want it just because of the iPhone tracking services inc ase it gets lost or stolen, and because of the remote data wipe).

    So, about the case and the headset, what should I get? Any recommendations?

    EDIT: How good are these earbuds witht he iPhone 4?

    Apple in-ear
    Scosche IDR355MD
    I'd take the risk Motorola S9 HD

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    Case - I'm currently sporting the iFrogz Luxe Lean case and really like it. Speck's Pixe;skin HD also is highly recommended but currently is not available on their website. The only place to get it is ebay and it only comes in black at the moment. I personally am waiting out for the additional colors shown on their website.

    Mobile Me - I find it very useful but not worth $99 a year. You can get it for around $70 from Amazon, but I actually got my individual subscription for $25 on ebay.

    Headset - I can't provide any recommendations. I use regular earbuds.
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    I like leather flip cases that protect the screen. For some reason I had trouble finding one online like the one I had for my 3G, finally found one on Amazon but it comes from the UK and takes forever to ship.

    Mobile Me - I love it, it is the easiest and best way to synch that I know of. It is kind of expensive. I use the photo gallery feature a lot so for me it is worth it. Also the ability to find a lost iPhone with it could turn out to be handy.

    Headset - the included one is the bare minimum that works, as it should be because people that don't need a hi-fidelity headset shouldn't be forced to pay for one. I don't care for buds so I use This one- great sound, comfortable, and has full iPhone functions.

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    I don't use a case (an iPhone's inner beauty must not be sequestered, eh?) and don't mind the stock Apple buds, so MobileMe is the only thing I can really comment on. Get the free trial (60 days in length IIRC) and see how you like it. If you use it (I do, simply because I have a Mac and it's the easiest thing to integrate with iCal and Address Book) enough, get a $25 subscription off of eBay.

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    Well, I did a bit of research today, and it seems like I can't get the IDR355MD headphones here in Mexico :/ ****!


    Anyway :p I'm considering to get Apple's in-ear headset... how good are they? if anyone ever tried them, tell me your experience with them please

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    Jul 15, 2010

    BTW did anyone try already the new jailbreak for the iPhone 4?

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    I have a pair of Klipsch S4i earbuds and they're great. I purchased them from the Apple store.

    - Chris

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