I have a slight problem and I don't know what to make of it. Mabye someone here could help me.
I am an IPhone 2G user (I know it's old, but...) and I use to use it in the Vodafone Roumania network. Everithing goes swell. Some week ago I whanted to switch my IPhone on the Orange Roumania network and on this network, the iphone overheats and battery life decreases to 2h in standby.
The only diffrence betwen these two networks is that Vodafone dosen't have EDGE, it only has GPRS or 3G, but my IPhone not being able to use 3G connection it basicaly only had GPRS. The Orange network has EDGE. I tried to disable all data services, installed a no data profile on my pwned IOS 3.0.1. Once I disabled the data service and all push notifications the overheating disapeard but the battery life is still 2 - 3 h in standby. I don't know what to make of this.
After this I was thinking this could be a coincidence and switched back to Vodafone, battery life increased to 2 days in wich I also played some IPhone games for a nice few hours.
I should also mention that for the moment I do not use a Data plan on neitherone of the providers because I don't realy need Internet on the IPhone. I know that at first site I should just stick to Vodafone if I do not use a data plan anyways, but I du have some strong reasons for whanting to use my IPhone with an Orange SIM card.
Another thing would be In Roumania the sole provider for IPhone services is Orange (the overhgeating network ), but my phone was bought in Austria so it is Unlocked.
Could somebody help me in this matter?
Thank you.