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    How do I get a iPhone 4 replaced?
    My phone came out of the box with a blemish in the glass right over the camera on the front side, which produces a noticeable spot on all photos or videos that were taken.

    My question is, do I have make an appointment at a genius bar and have it replaced at an Apple store?

    It's a launch day phone and I've been putting it off for a while as it's about an hour and fifteen minutes drive to the nearest Apple store.
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    Just a guess..but wouldn't a call to Apple be the best way of determining how to get your iPhone 4 replaced??


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    Quote Originally Posted by Village Idiot View Post
    My question is, do I have make an appointment at a genius bar and have it replaced at an Apple store?
    That's your best bet, especially since it's been over 30 days now so it's going to be a warranty issue.
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