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    iPhone 4 question
    Hey everyone! I've been following the everything about the iPhone 4 since release and, to be honest, I'm still not sure what to make of it all. I've got maybe 10 friends with iPhone 4's and they say they love them and that they're not having problems. Well, some say that signal isn't that great but that it was the same with their old 3GS.

    Anyway, this isn't my point. I got a new 3GS 16GB as a replacement from Apple last week and I can get a good price for this off a friend. The question is, do I put up the extra money and get a 32GB iPhone 4? I've wanted a 32GB version for a while so that's good for me and after playing with an iPhone 4 in an Apple store, I'm impressed with the hardware itself. I'm just wondering about the current 'issues' that people are experiencing. Do you think it's possible that the next 'batch' of iPhone 4's will be better?

    Please note, I'm not trying to start a 'war' between all the Apple fans and the complete opposite. I don't really care and, as much as I enjoy my iPhone and MacBook, if an Apple product isn't good then I'll look elsewhere

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time.

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    Please be sure to search first, you'll find valuable information already on the forum by using our search function: - Search Forums

    I'd rather not start another thread when there are more than enough threads with the information you're looking for.

    Thanks for understanding.
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