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    iPhone 4 Home Button Problems
    Ok so I went down to my local 02 store this morning and complained about my home Button on my iPhone 4 not working correctly. You really have to push the button down hard in order for it to work. I told the man this so he went out back and had a look at it with his manager, when he came back he said there there was not really any problems with it at all, I then took the phone back off from him and then tried it out myself and the problem had pretty much gone away ! So what the **** happened ! do you reckon they might have pushed it down hard to try and get it working so I couldn't get a new iPhone ?

    I am really stumped on what to do, it seems to be working allot better now but do still get the problem.

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    The button on the iPhone 4 does have a more tactile response compared to the 3G and 3GS so if you used those, it feels different. It's much more similar to the original iPhone.

    It will be harder to push at first until it gets worn in a bit. So unless you're at the verge of breaking a finger pushing the button, I'd say you're ok.
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    It's one of those Murphy Law variants. You can replicate a problem right up until you take it in for repair.

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