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    Iphone 4 bluetooth connecting to macbook
    Does connecting via bluetooth to the iphone 4 do anything? I can't transfer files or get to itunes. Can I tether if I buy that option?

    Such a worthless feature if you cannot do anything with the bluetooth connection to macbook.

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    It's not a worthless feature; millions of people use Bluetooth on Macs and on iPhones every day.

    Bluetooth on iPhone is, at present, pretty much limited to headsets. I mean, it's a phone, kinda logical if you ask me.

    Transfers of info from Mac<->iPhone would be hella slow compared to docking or wifi as used presently.

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    If you have internet tethering then you can use your iPhone with your mac for internet connections. The problem is that you can only get the 2GB data plan with the iPhone4.
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    Tethering is nice but to have the capability to connect to your macbook sync your phone transfer photos should be all there in the bluetooth spec but for some reason the apple folk have disabled or chosen to not allow it.

    I can connect to my macbook but it does nothing unless I want to pay extra to tether.

    Sad. Such a cool phone in so many respects and I love everything about my iphone 4 but cannot even integrate with my apple computer.

    I think headphones are the least of what bluetooth should be doing.

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    i have the iphone 4 and before that had a blackberry. never had a problem with bluetooth and my macbook. transferred photos and files without issue and it was fast. i'm disappointed about this bc i figured mac with mac would be the best option for any connectivity. never imagined my macbook worked better with my blackberry. so sad.

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    Perhaps you all should have done more research instead of making uniformed assumption prior to putting down your money.

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    I had an LG dare phone and loved the bluetooth feature of transferring pictures off my phone onto the macbook without wi-fi. And it was very simple too.

    I dont understand why apple has made it so you cannot do that with the iphone 4. However, I agree that connecting it with the supplied USB cord works, sometimes I don't feel like carrying that with me. Probably another way apple wants you to spend more money.

    To those who said bluetooth is useless on the iphone 4, I completely disagree. I use it every day when I drive. Bluetooth through the car speakers and mic is just awesome and safe.

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    Traditional phones allow connection to the net via Bluetooth but it's very slow. I guess the reasons the networks don't allow this is because they want to charge for data tethering.

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    On my Droid I can use an app called PDA Net to tether for free without paying Verizon to my mac. Can do it bluetooth or USB. But the google market is open so they can have stuff like that. Definitely wish the iPhone could! It could at one time but apple got wind of the app and took it off the app store.

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    I'm waiting to get the iPhone till it does in fact becomes available on Verizon network, but I'd like to be able to tether it to a laptop.

    I'm also thinking of getting the new macbook air and would like to be able to have a wifi hotspot available through th iphone but that seems impossible.


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