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    Remember that an Iphone is a computer
    An Iphone is a computer with a CPU, memory etc. The OS should really include an App that lets you see the CPU usage, memory usage etc...

    My battery was draining like nuts (10%/hour) in standby mode, and I tried all the above tips in a blind manner without success until the point where I decided to understand what was going on!

    First of all just like any other PC it should do NOTHING most of the time. That is the CPU should be idle 90% of the time.

    Buy (unfortunately!) an app such as System Status and check your CPU usage. If it shows something like 80% activity, you have some app that is looping! Check the system log and I bet you that you will find zillion of log entries for an app trying to do something over and over. In my case it was Email, which was trying and failing to connect every 30s because I had no network! This is obviously a bug! So disabling 3G or Wifi has exactly the counter effect as expected. It drains the battery by preventing email to connect and forcing it to loop!

    I’m travelling in a foreign country at the moment so I have no 3G and no WiFi. The only option was to disable email.

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    Solutions for iPhone 4 Excessive Battery Draining
    There are always bugs and problems with any software update. And iOS 4.3 update is also not an exception. Recently many iPhone 4 users faced some problems with battery life after upgrading to iOS 4.3 firmware. PocketLing blog found out that battery draining issue in iPhone 4 is happening because of the new feature added to your device called “Ping”.

    Do you face the same Battery Drain issue after upgrading your iPhone 4 or any other iDevice to iOS 4.3? Here is first method to disable "Ping" and improve iPhone 4 battery life.

    Launch Home Screen and go to Settings
    Select General, then Restrictions
    Enter 4 digit pass code
    Scroll down to Ping settings and click on the switch to disable it.
    It may save 2 hours of your iOS device.

    If the first method is not working for you, here is second method to stop iOS 4.3 Battery life problems:

    Turn the iPhone 4 off and then on again.
    Go to Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

    Here is another link that will help you adjust some common settings that could be draining your battery life...

    Tips: iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast? | iPhone Alley - iPhone news, app reviews, and accessories

    I hope this helps you as it did for me!

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