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    Iphone 4 speaker quality
    Could someone who has the new Iphone tell me if the speaker phone is any louder then the previous model.

    I have 2 cellphones. My work phone is a blackberry that has a loud speaker phone that I enjoy using. My personal phone is the 3g that is almost unusable in areas that have any noise in the background.

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    From personal experience I can tell you that it is definitely much louder than the 3G. I actually have to keep the volume at halfway, it's that loud.

    As for the 3GS, both my brother and girlfriend tell me that the iPhone 4 is louder than that as well.

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    As an iPhone 4 owner, I personally GUARANTEE you that the speaker on iPhone 4 is better than any previous iPhone. I have ran several tests & even when playing songs at full volume, it's loud but doesn't get static-sounding.
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