I've been trying to sort out saving and printing attachments e-mailed to my 3GS (which is not jailbroken or anything like that)
Got Quick office, ibooks and now just got printershare
Apparently printershare can print from the clipboard which is how it prints attachments
So off I go to the internet to find out how to use the clipboard and found a fairly clear you tube video explaining how so I did what it said.
all works well if copying a bit of an excell sheet or anything with text but not a picture or pdf

So question 1
can I copy pdfs or images to the clipboard? and if so how?
Whilst looking at the youtube video on how to use clipboard it mentioned that you can customise the home button so a double press makes it open an application of your choice and you set that choice in "settings-General-Home"
Admittedly the video was a phone running the previous version of the software and I have uploaded the latest Iphone software but I do not have this setting. If I double click the home button I seem to get the last 4 applications I had open.

Question 2
Can one still configure this double tap function or has it gone away