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    Jul 04, 2010
    Case not helping at all.
    I was hoping my new Iphone 4 would be fine after installing a silicon case.
    I was wrong.
    Even with the case, when not even holding on to the Iphone, the bars would randomly drop to zero and I would lose internet connection.
    I laid my phone and my sons 3G on a table to compare.
    His bars remained constant at 4 bars when mine would randomly drop to zero.
    It seems putting a bumper or case isnít going to solve the signal issue.
    Iím losing signal when Iím not even holding the phone.
    Iím disappointed big time.

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    That does not sound right at all. I would take the phone in to Apple and see what they say. Signal should not be moving around if the phone is just sitting there and the 3g right next to it not moving shows something is wrong.

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    I would return it! I got a cheap 1 dollar case on ebay and I always have full bars along with always getting a 3G connection. I have never had a problem with a dropped call. Your problem seems to be outside the norm even considering the "current problems."

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    If your signal is fluctuating without even touching it, then you need to first restore the phone to make sure it's not a software glitch. If that doesn't fix it, then you have a hardware problem and need to get the phone replaced.

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    apple has admitted to a software design problem that they have that displays MORE bars than it should, thus giving consumers a false sense of signal strength. Apple should be releasing a software update in a week or so.

    this affects all iphone models, not just the iPhone 4.

    iPhone 4 Issue: Apple Revealed Embarrasing Flaw! iPhone 4 Signal Problem Exists! | Hovied News

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