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    My cheek is making calls- another iphone4 issue
    Haven't seen anyone talking about this yet, but it is an issue (I saw some stuff about it out on the web). My new 4 keeps activating when it's against my face talking and it will dial calls, end calls, hit the contacts, whatever. Some think it is a proximity sensor issue. Is this how the screen shuts down when you are talking on it or does it involve the accelerometer as well? It's done it about 15 times already, it's dialed about 10 numbers out of my contacts, about three of the times it opened up contacts, and two of the times it opened up the keypad and started dialing digits. Well, 'it' being my cheek or side of the face, whatever you wanna call it. It's annoying.

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    Im having the same problem. My cheek pushes the facetime button alot, i guess it wants to facetime with somebody? I was on the phone with the gf last night and i was getting mad she wasnt responding to me i looked at my phone and i ended the call from my cheek! Called back and she started yelling lol..

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    I don't have an iPhone but what you are describing is part of the reason why I use a wired headset most of the time on my phone. It also allows a person to multitask with their phone when it's not next to their head.

    I'm surprised that there isn't some kind of lock feature for when you are talking with the phone to your face. People use to have a similar accidental turn on and call problem when their phones were in their pockets but most phones have some kind of lock nowadays. For example the iPhone has the slide to turn on lock.

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