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    Jun 28, 2010
    No yellow "spots" ...Just YellowISH
    First of all, I love the new design of the iPhone 4!!

    BUT, besides the antenna issue, which i'm sure will be fixed...I have
    other problems... Looking at my old 3g and my new 4, I see a pretty
    significant difference in "whiteness" of the screens.

    The 3g is MUCH more white than the 4, the 4 has a yellowish TINT to it.
    It's much worse in person than in pictures, but i think you get my drift.

    Here are some pictures, what do you guys think I should do? Am I just colorblind?

    In this picture the 4 is on the left

    In this picture 4 is on the right

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    ...btw, funny that the 3g on t-mobile is getting better service than the 4 on AT&T huh? :/

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    there was a post from foxconn (maker of iphone) that the yellow is because they were produced so fast the the glass adhesive had not cured totally, and that it should clear on it's own in a day or so. luckily mine is perfect
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    Personally I would use the phone for a week or two and see if the yellowish issue goes away. If not I'd try and return it and get a new one.

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    Mine had 2 yellow spots near the bottom it was gone by the next day.

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    Another reason to wait until July!!!

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    No yellow spot and no reception issues. Looks like mine came from a good batch

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    My wife and I both got iPhone 4's, mine came on the 23rd, hers came this week. I was thrilled with how beautiful my screen was until I turned hers on. Hers is definitely a shade whiter (bluer color temperature) than mine. I tried to take a side-by-side pic of them, but it's so slight that you can't see the difference.

    Basically, there IS a difference in shade between the two. But as long as I don't hold mine next to hers, I'd never know it. And you can really only tell if you put up a mostly white screen like the email preview page. I wouldn't call it a defect, and I'd have a hard time asking for a replacement (because I'd look pretty stupid asking the genius to turn off all the lights in the store and hold them next to each other and look very very closely and he *might* see a slight difference).

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