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Thread: iphone 4 cases and screen protectors

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    Jun 26, 2010
    iphone 4 cases and screen protectors
    I bought a ifrogz case from best buy Friday and even bought the ifrogz matte screen protectors. Well I wasted 15 dollars on screen protectors because I wasted them. I tried to put the screen protector on before I put on the case and I put on the case and the screen protector went all bubbly. It seemed like it just didnt fit with the case on. Then I tried to put the case on first then the screen protector...didnt work out well. Then I cut off the top of my 3rd and final screen protector so it wouldnt bubble at the top when I put on the case...its ok until I figure out another option

    Anyone have any solutions. It seems like it is because the case overlaps on the front. On my 3g, the case just hugged the sides. Anyone find a screen protector that allows a case that hangs on the front?

    I used and LOVED the Power Support screen savers, but they dont ship until late July. HD Anti-Glare Film - iPhone 4 - Shop | Power Support USA

    Im not sure if I'll run into the same problem as I did with the ifrogz one.

    Thanks for reading...

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    If you can find one try the Speck case. It's a one piece hard case that is rubber lined and works great with screen protectors. I had one for my3g and will be getting one for my i4 as soon as I can find one. I used the Speck case and one screen protector for over six months and never had any problem at all.

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Well, I just view through some nice cases in the market and found that DSstyles offer the cases can improve the signal.
    I am going to order one to try.

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