I downloaded the Navigon app recently (Navigon Myregion...no terrain maps available unfortunately). Love the app. I don't have a mount for it...it just sits in my center console. I've never had any problems with it around town nor driving around backroads in the boonies. Great GPS reception.

However, I just got back from a road trip back home for the Memorial Day holiday and when I was driving down the interstates in the boonies, whenever there was a road running near the interstate and whenever I approached an exit it kept on jumping over to the roads/exits off of the interstate. It got pretty annoying cause it then would keep on giving directions back onto the interstate when I was there the entire time.

As I understand the iPhone's GPS is cell-tower assisted, and since in-city I have no problems I'm assuming since I'm in the boonies and cell reception sucks it's a problem with a weak iPhone GPS signal.

Before I go blow $130 on a Magellan or TomTom kit, would getting a normal window or dash mount kit give me better GPS reception? Right now my iPhone just sits on the center console, under the roof. Would being free and clear below my windshield yield better reception, thus negating the need to spend $100 more than I would otherwise have to?

Might be worth it to try out anyways.