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Thread: iphone Theme problem ( winterboard )

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    May 12, 2010
    iphone Theme problem ( winterboard )
    I have this theme ' Evolution OSē '

    I want 2 keep the part in the red , and would like to change the Uper part

    But in the Theme folder the wallpapers and clock , .....
    are weird files , how can i change it 2 what i want ...

    ( ore can some1 tell me how 2 get the clock widget so i can add it 2 another theme . )

    this is what in the map

    Thx in advance ,

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    Feb 24, 2010

    First of all, Jailbreaking and ANYTHING related to jailbreaking (Winterboard Themes incl.) is not supported on these forums.

    Take a look at the forum rules and maybe use Google or another forum that allows Jailbreaking discussions....

    All the best,

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