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    Home Button difficult to press?
    So, after going to a repairman (not Apple!) to get my iPhone's cracked screen fixed, I have to press on the home button really hard to get it to work. The guy told me that he could try to get the home button to work better but he didn't want to damage the phone futher. He said when I dropped my phone I damaged the inside slightly to where it's bent in, and the inside was hard to remove, so basically, I'd have to deal with the button being hard to press.

    Is this a common problem for people that fix there own cracked screens? Should this be a problem at all? Because it's pretty annoying having to press the button 3-5 times.

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    I did this myself, and while i was "softening" the glue that holds the old glass in I made it a little too hot and fully melted my home button , basically it bubble up and mine was not functional for awhile till i recently replaced it. He could have gotten it too hot and only slightly melted it, making it harder to push.

    I ended up buying a screen/homebutton, basically the top half of the phone from a friend of mine who put his through the washer because to replace the home button you have to re-take the glass out and its a pain.

    Good Luck

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    I have seen this issue before also. I think it's something your going to have to live with, unless you want to keep investing more money into the phone.

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