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    Talking Iphone car stand

    Im after a stand for an iphone to go in a VE commodore 2006 model omega if that helps?

    i HATE stick on the window leave marks all over the window.

    id love a permeant solution.


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    Not sure if I can be to big of a help but I picked one up the other day, from walmart. I think its Griffin or something like that. Anyways it had a plastic circle and double sided mounting tape in the packaging to mount it on any surface in your car. I haven't installed it yet though, so like I said not sure how much of a help I can be, as I can't offer insight to how well it actually works.

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    I'm generally pretty happy with my Belkin TuneBase. It plugs into your lighter socket and keeps your iPhone charged up. There are two models... one with an FM tranmitter built in, another with a line-out connection that you can plug into car radios with a jack on the front that accepts such inputs.
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