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    Question iPhone Display Messed up
    I took my iPhone 3Gs out of my case today and the display is HUGE!!!!

    All I can see is the time and the numbers are about 1 inch tall~!

    I tried a hard re-boot and same thing so i hooked it up to my MBP and did a restore but it appears it is doing the same thing. The display is still HUGE! I am not going to wait forever to sync all my music.

    While it is in the process, the display seems fine, (apple and bar showing download process) but at some point the display goes HUGE!

    I cannot unlock it because I cannot navigate it to the slide bar.

    I am gonna do another restore and this time set up as a new phone and se what happens.

    Does anyone have a similar experience?

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    I suspect that the Zoom feature under Accessibility has been turned on.

    iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (3rd generation): Configuring accessibility features (including VoiceOver and Zoom)

    Try the above link and see if it provides a solution.

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    You can find plenty of help on the apple site for these kinds of technical issues, here's a link that should help.
    iPhone and iPod touch: Home screen icons are magnified or large

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    i am back in business
    Since the display was "zoomed" or whatever happened I could neve get to the slide bar to open the phone. I had to set it up as a new phone in iTunes, now I wait for hours as it reinstalls my apps and music. But at least it is working again!

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