I have an Alpine head unit with bluetooth handsfree and also an iPod connector in glove box. Got it working really well and would reccomend it for a fairly cheap solution to in car handsfree and iPod connection.

However, I find it a bit fiddly to be constantly plugging and unpluging the iPhone in and out.

I want to create a dock, in the glove box, where I can quickly and with one hand, slide the phone into a side mounted dock, then whip it out again when I get out of the car.

I deally I want to mount it with glue/screws to the side wall of the glove box. I've been looking on the net for a dock which would allow this and the closest thing I've found which would be suitable is this external power pack/jacket. But at £50 it's a bit pricey and I'm only going to be chopping it up to modify it for what I want.

MiLi iPhone Power Packs - buy at Firebox.com

Any suggestions or ideas? I even thought about making one out of wood and some velvet like material to enable easy slide in and out. (I know, I'm trying not to sound rude)