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    help!! iphone trouble
    Okay so I have an iphone 2g, and I recently dropped it in the sink, I immediately dry it off and then tried turning it on.(I know horrible idea) I then put it in rice for about 3 days. i tried it today. Itunes recognized the Iphone and even synced the phone. BUT the screen is still black. I have no idea what to do and i really want my beloved Iphone back, i dont have the money for a new one.
    Any ideas on what to try? Is it possible to purchase a new screen or something of that sort.
    Once again Itunes recognized it and even synced it.
    Thanks for your help,

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    the 2G is dated, It's going to cost you more than it's worth to fix. The display assembly for the 2G runs about $100, You don't know what else is damaged.

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    yes, i understand that it can possible cost more money to repair it.

    Is there any possibility of the screen coming back to life.

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    All you can do at this point is wait, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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