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    my iphone turns on, apple screen, goes white and turns off????
    hey there,

    i'm being given an iphone by a friend that they havent used in a long time for free and they went to check it last night and they said this happens upon turning on:

    turns on fine
    apple screen
    screen goes white
    switches off

    i havent got the phone yet, should have it tomorrow but is this something that can be fixed by a return to factory settings somehow? what are the possible causes? is this the 'white screen of death'.

    i cant complain as it's a free phone, but i'd love to try getting it to work. it'd be cheaper to repair than buy a new one im guessing?


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    your in need of a new mother board my friend i would chech the seriel number to see if your still inder warrenty. Apple would replace it.

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    No experience but i wonder if a reset might be tried. Its simply a matter of pushing the home button in conjunction with the on/off button on top right of phone at the same time for ten seconds after which you should see the apple logo on the screen and about a minute later it turns on unless Mac Jay is correct and if so you will still be doomed.


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    that's how mine acted right before it quit altogether.

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    Sounds like a mother board issue, there's a possibility it could be the display assembly but I doubt it.

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