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    Iphone 3G no longer automatically receiving email
    Yesterday my Iphone just stopped receiving email automatically. I have a .mac account and have changed nothing in my settings. The phone is set to push and has performed flawlessly since I've owned it. I now need to open the mail application on the phone for it to receive any emails. Never heard or saw any indication of a new mail last night and when I opened the mail ap this morning...bang...all kinds of emails downloaded when it connected and said checking for mail. I've already deleted my account and re-created it. I've done a complete restore as well with no luck. Any one else having or have this issue before. Thanks!

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    Mar 02, 2010
    Just spent close to an hour on the phone with an apple rep that new considerably less than me about the Iphone. Complete waste of time. Through more experimenting though I have found that setting the phone to fetch at 15 minute intervals will get mail to the phone in that alloted time. Still though, Push does not work??? It has also stopped working on my wifes Iphone. It must be a service thing for it to happen to 2 phones???

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