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    Exclamation Iphone 3G won't restore
    I was syncing my phone and it started acting funny and went into recovery big deal so i attempted to restore it...but after it extracts the software it comes up with an error that it can not restore and lists some suggestions like restarting mac, updating drivers, dling itunes updates, did all that and it still won't restore....any suggestions?

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    Put the iPhone into DFU mode then restore.

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    Was your iphone jail broken?

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    Just been through the same process, I eventually restored from a work computer no problems, but now I'm nervous about using iTunes at home in case it extracts the operating software again and puts me back to square one.

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    Hold power and home for about 20-30 to put it into DFU Mode. Then restore it.

    I was getting an error code restoring mine, so you might want to check for updates because then next day I tried it restored fine.

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