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    Iphone Without sound and mute switch
    Hi! I have an iphone 3g 16gb and i have 2 hardware problems. First one, when i receive a call, i cant hear anything, the speaker close to the ear is dead. Second, the mute switch on the side wont work, i can only put the volume down but silent dont work. So i wanted to know what do i need to replace in order to get it working again. I already replaced my display once, so im not completely new into it, but i need to know what i have to replace, so i appreciate any help. Thank you

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    Does the speaker work in "speakerphone" mode? If so and it's *just* the earpiece that's dead, that issue happens with some frequency -- if you google it you'll see the links for DIY repair, or see This Post for my experience with a repair shop on the same issue.

    Not sure about the mute switch issue.

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