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    how to confirm 3Gs is a factory unlock
    im looking at buying a new 3Gs. its being listed as factory unlocked. is there anyway i can confirm this? i will be able to see and handle the phone before i buy it.

    1. i thought to look for jailbreaking software, ie cydia...
    2. ask if i can restore the phone, plug it into my computer and see if it says "unlocked" or restore it and then put my t-mobile sim card in and make a call

    any other thoughts?

    sorry if this is a repost, im kind of short on time and didnt use the search option...

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    What country are you in?

    If your answer is the US or Canada, then no its not factory unlocked.

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    Looking for Blackra!n, Cydia or similar won't work. They can be removed after jailbreaking just like any other app.

    Restoring via iTunes would work, but you'd have to have some time and access to a computer.

    Other than that, IDK. In the US, we don't see very many factory unlocked iPhones. I've never seen one that I know of.

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    im in the US. i was planning on bringing my computer to plug it into itunes, how long does it take to restore. i want to make sure its factory unlocked before i fork over the paycheck

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    Sorry, I phrased my previous post incorrectly:

    What country is the seller in? If he's in the US or Canada, no its not factory unlocked.

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