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    iPhone restoring is stuck! help please!
    hi everyone,
    i was hoping someone can help me here! I have a 3GS and it has been having problems with it's home buttons and it stopped to work COMPLETELY a few days ago. I want to restore it to factory setting to see if it works before i take it to an Apple store but did not want to upgrade the software so I restored it with the restore option from the settings on the iPhone itself but it is stuck! is it still restoring or is it frozen? what should I do next? HELP please

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    "the pineapple sign" refers to the fact that you've jailbroken it.

    You'll need to put this iPhone in Recovery Mode before you can restore it.

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    Pineapple = jailbroken. There is no way that a new phone would have a pineapple on it, it would have had Apple's logo.

    You may have to restore to a factory firmware to correct the problem. You also won't find a lot of help on this forum to help you keep the jailbreak as it is against the forum rules.

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