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    3GS not able to d/l over 1Mbps on wi-fi
    I've tested the down and upload speed on my 3 month old 16GB 3GS recently with the SpeedTest app and site on safari and am almost always between .4 and 1.2 Mbps down and .4 up while 10 seconds later with my pc and mac on the SpeedTest site and Speakeasy site test registers 5.5 to 5.9 mbps down and .8 up. My service is AT&T dsl 6.0 so the home computers are almost spot on while my iPhone seems very limited. I know the 3GS is rated at a possible 7.2mbps down as far as 3G goes but seems to be majorly underperforming on wifi. Any thougts??

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    2008 3G on Rogers 3G service.

    Over WiFi

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